Five Quick Tips for Writer Users

New to Writer? Want to get the most out of it? Here are five simple tips to get you started.

Learn to use keyboard shortcuts Although you can access all Writer’s features via the toolbar and menus, using keyboard shortcuts can speed up your work. Writer offers a huge number of shortcuts, but you don’t have to learn them all. Note which features you use most, then find their keyboard shortcuts. The Writer Cheat Sheet created by yours truly can help you with that.

Install extensions Similar to Firefox,’s default functionality can be extended using extensions. Head over to the official extension repository, and grab the extensions you find useful. Don’t know which extensions to pick? The Five Useful Extensions for blog post can give you a few pointers.

Learn to use styles Styles is one of Writer’s most powerful features. Getting to grips with styles does require time and effort, but once you’ve mastered this feature, you can manage even the most complex document with consummate ease. The Using styles in article and the Introduction to Styles chapter from the User guide can help you to get started with this feature.

Learn to use notes, versions, changes These three features are essential for efficient writing and collaboration, so it’s worth to spend some time on learning how to use these features. Check the online help for a brief introduction to these features.

Backup profile stores all user settings in a profile folder inside your home directory (e.g., /home/user/ Back up it regularly, so next time you need to reinstall or install it on another machine, you don’t have to configure it from scratch.

Bonus tip The 3 Writer Guide is a must-read book if you want to get the most out of Writer. If reading the HTML or PDF version of the book is not your cup of tea, you can buy a printed version from Lulu.

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