Digital Signage – Seattle Department Of Transportation

Seattle, 04 November, 14.00pm

Seattle’s Third Avenue bus stops are among the busiest in the region: one bus stop may serve up to 15 bus lines and can average up to 4000 boardings on a typical weekday.
In order to provide users with a better service, Seattle DOT is deploying a variety of real time transit information around the city.
Local businesses and organizations on Third Avenue have contributed in making the deployment of Linutop systems very simple by hosting the power efficient PCs along with the 40” LCD monitors in their windows.

Click here for the complete Seattle DOT article.

Linutop OS demo available below, allows you to create very easily a Digital Signage solution thanks to “Linutop Kiosk” software.

Linutop OS


city hall, library, sports complex, association, institution, party hall, theater, exhibition center, cultural center, museums, department of transportation



- Shared desktop or laptop
- Computer room

- Optimal use of your hardware
- Provide access to a computer to more people
- Classical user interface with Start menu
- Office software compatible Microsoft Office Suite

kiosk software

Maintenance Free Computer


- Waiting hall in public spaces
- Schools
- Associations
- Libraries/Retail: limiting the navigation to an online catalog of items

- Quick setup
- Easy and flexible configuration
- Secure: the lock mode allows to always recover the initial state
- No maintenance

Internet Kiosk


- General information about opening times, events
- Promote an upcoming event by providing specific information
- Wayfinding in large venue, tradeshow
- Provide real time status information at transportation hubs
- Wayfinding in large venue or event

- Cost effective: Simple and fast to setup, energy efficient
- Online editing made simple: edit from any browser
- Automated broadcast: 24/24 – 7/7
- Displays even offline
- Compatibility: Linutop computers or PC with Linutop OS

Digital Signage Overview
Digital Signage Sample City Hall
Digital Signage Sample School

Digital signage

Digital Signage – Diekirch college

Paris, 03 September, 14.00pm

Linutop has many end uses.

In this case, the Linutop are used in the Diekirch college as Digital Signage. The slides are designed by the college direction or by other people delegated (professors, employees, etc.). A PHP application developed by the IT team allows to configure :

- the message displayed
- the location and the timing of each slide
- a format conversion from 4/3 to 16/9.

Here, Linutop are used as mini PC. Its VNC configuration allows the Linutop to connect to a web platform in order to download the data (videos, photos, web pages, MP3). This system works in this college of 3 buildings which are 1 and 1.5 km away. Almost 8 to 10 mini PC Linutop are working.

In this example, the college has developed its own online Digital Signage solution. Linutop TV, new online Digital Signage service enable these same advantages.

Linutop OS demo available below, allows you to access simply and rapidly to a Digital Signage solution thanks to “Linutop Kiosk” software.

Try Linutop OS Demo fo PC.

Affichage dynamique – Lycée Classique de Diekirch

Paris, 17 Juillet 2012, 14.00pm

Il existe de nombreuses utilisations possibles des mini PC Linutop. Une des principales est l’affichage dynamique.

Ici, les Linutop sont utilisés au Lycée Classique de Diekirch. Les messages sont réalisés par la direction du lycée ou par des groupes mandatés (professeurs d’éducation physique, personnel, etc.). Une application PHP dévelopée par l’équipe informatique permet de paramétrer la diffusion des messages sur les différents écrans à savoir :

- le message d’affichage
- le lieu d’affichage
- la date/durée d’affichage
- une éventuelle conversion de format 4/3 en 16/9.

Ici, le linutop faisant office de nano-ordinateur accède, grâce à sa configuration VNC, à une plateforme web pour receuillir les données. Le système fonctionne aujourd’hui dans ce lycée de 3 bâtiments éloignés de respectivement de 1 et 1,5km. Environ 8 à 10 postes sont en fonctionnement.

Dans cet exemple, le lycée a développé sa propre solution d’affichage dynamique à distance. Linutop TV, nouvelle solution d’affichage dynamique en ligne permet ces mêmes avantages.

Linutop OS démo disponible ci dessous, vous permet d’accéder librement à une solution simple d’affichage dynamique grâce à son logiciel “Linutop Kiosk”.

Essayez Linutop OS Demo pour PC.

Customer Case Study – Sodexi – Production Line

Paris, 26 Juin 2012, 11.00pm

Sodexi (Society of International Express Development), from its headquarters hub at Paris CDG airport is specialised in express transport operations. Sodexi is a subsidiary of Air France – KLM .

Linutop is one of the solution, choosen by Sodexi, to carry out the parcels sorting. With Linutop 2 and Linutop 4, Linutop has many advantages on the production line :

- energy efficient : money saver for 24h / day use.

- maintenance free : thanks its configuration lock system.

- a very small size : small is beautiful !

- easy to set up : save some time in setting it up

Linutop is in this case, an ideal technologie.

Try Linutop OS Free Demo for PCs .

Linutop 4 and the black storks nesting evolution

Paris, April 27th, 2012, 17.00pm
In Belgium, some Linutop 4 are used in order to record the nesting evolution of black storks.
The Linutop is protected in a weatherproof box recording viedos of these rare birds.

Videos available here:

Its energy efficiency and small size as well as its low noise level makes Linutop an interesting solution for this kind of use. This is an illustration of many possibilities for Linutop solutions (home automation, cameras, etc.)

Paris, April 8th, 2012, 00.00am

Customer Case Study – Vitrilia

Linutop in Orpi agency

Vitrilia, a digital display total solutions provider, specializes in display services to real estate agencies.  The company looked for a small, robust, and energy-efficient computer which would obtain the latest real estate information via an internet connection to display at each real estate agency branch.

It was also important that the computer be low maintenance because technical interventions at each branch location would have been costly.  Finally, Vitrilia wanted a small size computer that would be easy to ship as well as discrete.

After considering a number of options, Vitrilia selected Linutop 2 because it is small, robust, low maintenance, and energy-efficient.  Also, Vitrilia realized that in the long run, the Linutop would be cost efficient because it is built for high security with a re-set feature that eliminated the need for on-site technical intervention.

Another differentiating factor with Linutop was that the initial set-up settings could be easily replicated across Linutops using a USB key, making deployment across multiple units easy.

Today, nearly 1000 Linutop 2 are used in many real estate agencies as part of Vitrilia’s service offering.  With Vitrilia’s service, powered by Linutop, real estate agencies such as Orpi can display up-to-date, tailored real estate ads in a dynamic fashion with maximum security, low energy consumption, and low maintenance.

At last, a cost-effective solution was found!

For more information about Vitrilia, visit

Cas concrêt Linutop : l’affichage dynamique par Vitrilia

Linutop in Orpi agency

Vitrilia est un fournisseur de solutions d’affichage dynamique dédiées aux agences immobilières.

Pour satisfaire sa clientèle, l’entreprise a besoin d’un ordinateur compact, silencieux et économe en énergie afin de diffuser les dernières informations du secteur simultanément dans plusieurs agences et ce durant les heures du jour et de la nuit sans intéruption.

La maintenance d’un réseau dispersé est toujours coûteuses. Le produit idéal devait donc être fiable et robuste pour fonctionner sans entretien particulier et être facile à installer.

C’est ainsi que Vitrilia a sélectionné le Linutop 2 pour sa compacité, sa robustesse et sa discrétion en fonctionnement. Après 3 années d’utilisation, le Linutop est très rentable sur le long terme de par sa faible consommation et sa faible nécessité de maintenance.

En effet, des fonctionnalités de sécurisation, de réinitialisation et de déploiement du système, minimisent le recours à l’intervention sur site de par leur simplicité de mise en oeuvre.

Par exemple, le déploiement de la configuration d’un poste vers d’autres machines Linutop s’effectue via une simple clé USB, rendant ce processus particulièrement rapide.

Aujourd’hui près de 1000 Linutop 2 fonctionnent au sein d’agences immobilières de tout le pays, parfaitement intégrés aux services de Vitrilia.

C’est donc grâce à ces services portés par la technologie de Linutop, que de grands réseaux d’agences tels que Orpi (photo ci-contre) peuvent diffuser des annonces immobilières personnalisées en temps réel, tout en garantissant un haut niveau de fiabilité et une facture globale peu élevée.

Enfin une solution économique pour de l’affichage dynamique !

Pour plus d’information sur Vitrilia, consultez

Customer Case Study – Orfea / Accor

Accor, the European leader in the hotel industry, needed a low maintenance internet kiosk solution for their Orfea hotel lobbies. They looked into Linutop because they realized that with a standard PC, there would still be a need for technical intervention in case of computer crashes and virus attacks, as well as the need to guard against security threats with an anti-virus software which itself would need to be maintained.

When they approached Linutop, they found that the Linutop 2 required very little maintenance because of its secure operating system which could be set to a read-only mode and also be rebooted to its default settings, erasing any prior alterations. Also, Linutop’s light operating system that can be saved on a USB key enabled them to replicate the same configuration in numerous hotel lobbies and backup the default settings at the same time.

Using Linutop 2, Accor was able to implement an internet kiosk solution without requiring on-site IT help. The fact that Linutop 2 is fanless, small, and can be mounted on the back of a computer screen with its mounting bracket allowed Accor to have internet kiosks that were discrete as well.

Later on, after Linutop released Linutop 3, Accor decided to purchase the newer model, which runs on the same operating system as Linutop 2, to replace the older model for their internet kiosks. They chose to reuse Linutop 2 as the digital display solution, presenting their breakfast and lunch menus, as well as weather and traffic information.

For a comparison of Linutop 2 and 3, click here.

Customer Case Study – Bosch

Bosch, an international technology company, came to us with the need for a display solution in a factory in Eastern Europe. To optimize production, Bosch wanted to display the state of each production line so that their workers can anticipate and detect any interruption or abnormality. Their requirements were maximum reliability, even in the case of a power outage, and minimal power consumption.

After evaluating a number of options, Bosch chose to implement Linutop 2 with its mounting brackets, discretely mounted on the back of VGA monitors. Linutop Operating System was configured with a small script that displayed an HTML web page from the company’s production server. This allowed anyone on the factory floor to monitor the production line with a quick glimpse, decreasing production downtime while using minimal energy.

In addition to meeting Bosch’s original requirements, Linutop’s secure operating system that can be set to a read-only mode and have the fall-back of its reboot feature gave Bosch the peace of mind that it was looking for. Finally, Linutop’s light operating system that can be saved on a USB key made it easy for Bosch to replicate the same configuration on numerous PCs throughout its factory and backup simultaneously.