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What applications are installed ion the system?
See the list we provide.
Can I add new applications?
Yes, using Synaptic to access all the Ubuntu packages.
The applications I've installed are not there after a reboot! Is this a bug?
No, it's not a bug, it's a feature. We want to provide a default system that will always work, even if you think you broke it. You can easily keep the installed applications though, using the persitent mode.
I need to install lots of applications, but your USB key is too small. What can I do?
You just need to run our 'lusm' script to duplicate the system on a key with higher storage capacity. Everything you need is available in the Help submenu.


How to use two monitors on the same Linutop?

I'd like to use a WiFi USB key. Is it possible?
Yes, if your key works under linux, it will most likely work on your Linutop. See the list of keys known to work.
Can I connect a printer to the Linutop?
You can connect an USB printer. Make sure to start cups to make it work.
I have a 300Go USB hard drive. Can I use it to store data?
Yes, just plug it in, open the 'Documents' folder, the hard drive will appear in the left pane of the window.
Can I use a serial port?
The only way to use a serial port is to plug an USB adapter.
I would like to use Linutop as a server, without a keyboard and monitor attached. Is that possible? Will I need a keyboard and monitor to set it up, or will it accept SSH out of the box?


I've read that changes done to the system are not saved after a reboot. Will I have to reconfigure my network settings each time?
No, we know that network settings often need to be modified, so we keep them after a reboot. You can also use the persitent mode.
I don't like your default theme and icons, I want mine!
Then just change it using the configuration panel :) This configuration will still be there after a reboot.


I want to use my own Linux distribution
Just install the distribution you like on an USB device, and you'll be able to use it on the Linutop!
OK, then I want to install Debian to build a home server (web server, file server and dhcp). Will the Linutop handle this?
Sure! We've used a Linutop to run a dotclear blog engine (using apache, mysql and php), it runs like a charm. You can even test our LAMP image.