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Linutop FAQ

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(Incomplete translation) See the French page. Babelfished [1]

  • Where can I get Linutop?

Linutop can be bought online at

  • What is the maximum screen resolution?

1600 x 1200 pixels.

  • What's the power consumption?

6W Maximum.

  • Is there any internal storage?

The operating system and data files are stored on an external USB key.

  • Which operating system does Linutop run?

Linutop currently runs an optimized version of the Xubuntu Linux LiveCD. The modifications include:
- A video driver for the on-board video capabilities of the Geode LX processor.
- Comes with Gaim and Firefox pre-installed (with icons installed on the desktop)
- We removed a few applications to enhance the usability of the Linutop.

  • Is Linutop available in the United States?

Linutop will be available for sale in the United States around May.

  • Does Linutop come with a mouse or keyboard?

Linutop is sold without a mouse and keyboard.

  • Can the RAM be expanded?

The 256 MB of RAM is integrated into the motherboard for durability and cannot be expanded.

  • Can I add my own programs to Linutop?

Linutop is based on an x86 architecture, making it possible to run the majority of available Linux distributions and programs without modification. Compatibility List

  • Does Linutop work with Skype?

Yes. If you install it. (see SkypeInstall)

  • What about streaming audio?

Streaming audio works very well with great sound quality.

  • Is Linutop able to play video?

We have tested it with YouTube and found that the Flash-based videos do play back. Fullscreen performance isn't very good however. We have not yet tested MPEG, AVI, or WMA videos. (Needs proofreading)

  • I'm interested in becoming a distributor.

If you would like to resell Linutop please send us the following information:
- Projected annual unit sales
- What is your target market?
- What type of distribution channels do you have available?

Email us at

  • Does Linutop support PXE boot?

A forthcoming version of the modified Xubuntu distribution should include this functionality.

  • It would seem that Linutop would work great as a MythTV frontend. Do you know if it would be powerful enough?
  • Do you have a contact address?
  • Is Linutop useable as a router?
  • Does Linutop support IPSec Connections?
  • The V1 site promised wi-fi capability, which is absent from the current description. Is wi-fi support still included?
  • What are the specs, what cpu, ram, graphics, etc?
  • Is it possible to use the Linutop as a file server?
  • Have you kept the HP Linux Printing Drivers been kept in your modification of Xubuntu? (it is included by default in standard Ubuntu Linux.), as this could come in very handy for users of HP Printers.

1169 Printers are currently supported in HPLIP!