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Shutdown and Restart Xserver through CRON

I use many Linutops to drive big flat TV's, running an inhouse developed information system. These TV's go into standby, when the video output is blanked, and wake up if it is present again. This worked well with Linutop 1.4 using the vbetool command. Under 2.2 this command aborts with a nasty error. A workaround (suggested by G. Pocentek) using "dpms force off/on" is not reliable: either the screen blanks at a moment where it should not, or it does not awake when it should. I think this feature to reliably shutdown/shutup video is of uttermost importance, and should be at the highest level of the priority list!

This is fixed in the 2.4 version (which will be released soon). You can install it using lusm-web (with url (gpocentek)