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RDP client (rdesktop)

Starting with version 2.0.2, the Linutop ships rdesktop (but it can be installed with Synaptic in previous versions), a command line utility implementing the RDP protocol, used to share a Microsoft Windows desktop. To run it, just use this command in a terminal:

rdesktop host

where host can be the IP or the hostname of the windows desktop.

Several useful options can be used. Here are some examples:

# login as user 'bob'
rdesktop -u bob host

# use more color
rdesktop -a 16 host

# change the window size (800x600 or fullscreen)
rdesktop -g 800x600 host
rdesktop -f host

All these option can be combined of course:

rdesktop -u 'bob' -a 16 -g 1024x768 host

All the available options can be displayed with:

rdesktop --help

VNC client

To run a VNC session simply use in a terminal:

xvncviewer host:1

host is the IP or the hostname on the machine on which the VNC server runs; 1 is the display number used on the server and can be omitted.

The F8 key can be used to pop up a menu and access special functions (fullscreen, quit...).

On Linutop OS prior to 2.0.2 you need to install the xvnc4viewer package.