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What is plug and surf?

linutop_plug_and_surf1s.jpg I just received my linutop!

A small card box containing
The linutop
A USB key
An AC adapter

00:10 linutop_plug_and_surf1
linutop_plug_and_surf2s.jpg I plug my linutop

On the front side :
The USB key
My USB keyboard
My USB mouse
On the back side:
My VGA Monitor Connector
My Ethernet Connection
The power adapter

01:25 linutop_plug_and_surf2
linutop_plug_and_surf3s.jpg Booting

Everything is plugged
My linutop is loading
Linux Xubuntu customised for linutop
And then FireFox

02:30 linutop_plug_and_surf3
linutop_plug_and_surf4s.jpg Surfing

My linutop is now ready to use
I can surf the web
For hours….
In full silence

- Less than 5 min to surf on the web, quite good….!

03:46 linutop_plug_and_surf4