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LAMP Image

This image is old and unmaintained. Don't use it!

You can get a LAMP image (Linux/Apache/MySql/PHP) designed for the linutop.

To install it from your Linutop, download the installation script, plug a new key (a 256Mo key should be enough but we recommand more space of course) and run it in a terminal:


This will install the system on the second key.

We only provide a Beta version for now. This means that there are limitations (the installation script doesn't create a swap space for instance) and probably bugs.


The system is persistent by default (the standard Linutop OS is not), but still has a squashfs image as base. It is very minimal (english only, vim in a light version, no apache2 modules except the standard ones). It provides mainly

  • apache 2
  • php 5
  • mysql 5

A few things to know:

  • no dhcp tools are installed, you'll have to set up the network configuration manually (to get a fix IP)
  • the root account is enabled, but has a blank password. Don't forget to set one.
  • MySql root account has also a blank password, which makes the MySql init script to fail. Set a password to start the database server (running /etc/init.d/mysql will show you a message explaining how to do that)