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The WebKiosk playlist can be accessed remotely. It will define the location of the various items.

This type of playlist is usable starting with the 4.0.3 version of the Linutop OS.


A single loop will contain the list of the items to displays:

  <loop id="0">
    <item uri="" time="10" />
    <item uri="http: //my_server/display/an_image.png" type="image" time="5" />
    <item uri="http://my_server/display/a_video.avi" type="video" />

    <item uri="" time="5" />
    <item uri="" />

This example shows the definition of a basic playlist. The <schedule> and <loop> nodes are mandatory. The "id" attribute is also mandatory.

Each item must define an "uri" attribute which is where to find the item. It can use several schemes:

  • will show a web page
  • http: //my_server/display/an_image.png:
    • if the "type" attribute is present, the webkiosk will download the file, and display it as a local file (the file is cached, and redownloaded only if needed)
    • without "type" attribute, the uri will be used as if it were a web page (no caching)

2 types are supported: image and video.

For URLs and images, a "time" attribute must be defined. It stores the number of seconds that the item should be displayed. For videos, the next item will be displayed when the video has ended.

Support URI schemes are

  • http:// for HTTP access (web server)
  • ftp:// for FTP access
  • file:// for local access

Authentication is supported. For example, using a FTP authentication in a URI would give:



Several loops can be defined. Each loop must have a uniq ID, and must define a time period. The loop ID'ed "0" will be the default loop, used if other loops don't match the current date/time.

Here are some examples of loops describing the schedule options:

  <loop id="0">
    <!-- default playlist defined here -->

  <loop id="1" start="14:00" end="18:15">
    <!-- this playlist will be read every day between 14:00 and 18:15 -->

  <loop id="2" start="14:00" end="18:15" weekdays="0246">
    <!--  this playlist will be read every monday, wednesday, friday and sunday between 14:00 and 18:15 -->

  <loop id="3" start="2011/03/25 00:00">
    <!-- this playlist will be used starting on march the 25th of 2011 -->

Combinations of these examples can be used.

Configuring the WebKiosk

In the "Digital Signage" tab, select "Use a remote playlist", and define the URL of the playlist. It can be a web or ftp url (http:// or ftp:// scheme).


A demo playlist is available: