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Linutop Solutions

Mini PC

- Secure Office Desktop
- Mini LAMP Server in one click
- Thin client or network monitoring


- FireFox, Libre Office and more
- Secure Kiosk software
- Recycle & secure an old PC

Digital Signage

- Use Linutop as a Player
- Broadcast from a server
- Remotely manage screens

Linutop mini PC

Operating System for PC

Digital Signage

Mini PC fanless range Software Linutop for Internet Kiosk and digital signage Remote control digital signage player
Linutop 2, 4 & 5
- Energy efficient Starting at 8W
- Maintenance Free
- Ready to use,Silent & Fanless
Linutop OS for PC
- Secure (read only capable)
- Integrated kiosk software
- Quick to install fast to run
- Broadcast timmed playlists
- Images, videos, url & sounds
- Locally or on the web.

Software Linutop for Internet Kiosk and digital signage

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