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Linutop mini PC

System for PC

Digital Signage

Mini PC fanless range Software Linutop for Internet Kiosk and digital signage Remote control digital signage player
Linutop XS & 5
- Energy efficient Starting at 3W
- Maintenance Free
- Ready to use,Silent & Fanless
Linutop OS for PC
- Secure (read only capable)
- Integrated kiosk software
- Quick to install fast to run
- Broadcast timmed playlists
- Images, videos, url & sounds
- Locally or on the web.

Software Linutop for Internet Kiosk and digital signage

Linutop Solutions

Mini PC

- Secure Office Desktop
- Mini LAMP Server in one click
- Thin client or network monitoring


- FireFox, Libre Office and more
- Secure Kiosk software
- Recycle & secure an old PC

Digital Signage

- Use Linutop as a Player
- Broadcast from a server
- Remotely manage screens

Our Customers

Hotels, shops, restaurants, museums, city halls, schools, offices...