mini pc

mini pc

Improve your customers’ satisfaction with Linutop mini PC

To retain your customers, offering them extra services is definitely a big plus. Nowadays, among the services that many of your customers will appreciate, a free and secure web kiosk is a must. A solution at your fingertips thanks to mini PC

Linutop mini PC, your solution for secure web kiosk

Linutop mini PC is indeed an ideal solution for installing Internet terminals in your institution. Easily maintained and ready for use, they are also very economical and pleasantly quiet. Small and robust, they have a reduced footprint.

Designed to allow users to easily access the internet, these PCs run with a Linux based OS. Linutop developed for this purpose a dedicated software for converting any PC into an internet terminal or a digital signage support called Linutop Kiosk. In short, a simple and practical solution for those who wish to set up affordable internet terminals in public places.

Mini PC, an asset for customer loyalty

As internet is now an integral part of everyday life for most people, many will appreciate having access to the web at any time. Thus this solution is of high interest for various institutions seeking to increase customer loyalty.

Moreover, these mini PC are marketed at affordable prices, allowing for hotels and shops, among others businesses, to invest at low cost. Even better, they get in return more satisfaction from their customers. Town halls, museums and hospitals may also adopt this solution for their visitors.

In short, these mini PC are the best solutions for professionals who want to provide internet terminals to their customers.