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Download Linutop OS Free

Try for free the Operating System for PC (USB key or CD) or Raspberry Pi (SD).

PC Min requirement: RAM 512MB
- Burn ISO image on a CD-ROM.
- Write USB image on a USB key (2GB min).
- Write Clonezilla image on media (16GB min).
- Write SD image on a SD card (4Go min).
- Copy NOOBS image files on a SD card (8Go min).

To start Linutop OS demo on a PC, BIOS must be configured to boot on the CD-ROM or USB key.

ISO Tutorial | USB Tutorial | Advanced tutorial

Please fill up the form to be able to download the Free image file.
 free version demo linutop

Select image to download :

Image * : ISO (CD) image 32 bits - PC
USB(key) image 32 bits - PC
ISO(img) image 64 bits - PC
SD(card) image - Raspberry Pi
SD(card) NOOBS - Raspberry Pi  
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