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web kiosk solution

Webkiosk solution

Webkiosk solution are increasingly needed in public places. This is why Linutop company, has developed Linutop Kiosk. This software works with Linutop OS.

The advantages of a webkiosk solution

A Webkiosk is a solution to allow visitors to a public place or customers of a store for example a free access to Internet. In shops for example, the Internet connection provides access to online catalogs. In libraries, it can help easily find a book. Internet terminal can thus be a great solution in order to allow your customers and visitors to know much more about your products or services.

As any internet terminal intended for different categories of people, its use is simplified. Those who frequent the place where it is installed are thus sure to get plenty satisfaction from its use. Depending on the venue’s specificities, any particular restriction can be programmed. Thanks to instant updates, the installation safety is assured.

Linutop offers Linutop Kiosk a webkiosk solution

Linutop is convinced of the added value of web kiosks for any shop or public service and this is one of the main reasons for developing Linutop Kiosk. With this software, any computer can become a webkiosk solution regardless of its location: hotel lobby, waiting room, administrative offices... The large number of users will not affect the efficiency of this terminal. In addition, the installation safety is assured by password locking. Linutop Kiosk is a web kiosk solution with plenty of features.

A "restriction" menu can limit the list of accessible sites. This software comes with Firefox browser, and various applications that provide all the basic functionalities of ordinary PCs like Libre Office or VLC media player.