Linutop Kiosk player Software

Linutop Kiosk player is a powerfull digital signage software design to setup a:

- Digital signage player for one screen

- Secure Internet access Kiosk

Linutop Kiosk Documentation
Linutop OS Internet Kiosk
Available for PC & Raspberry PI
Included in Linutop OS

Linutop OS Internet Kiosk Linutop OS Internet Kiosk



Digital Signage

Display photos, PDF, videos, musics or web pages with Linutop Kiosk. Linutop Kiosk allows to configure and display a selfmade playlist of your digital content. It is easy to use.

Linutop's light weight and size plus the easy setup of Linutop Kiosk makes it ideal for light web signage and narrowcasting.
Linutop TV can remotely control your screens' network

Ideal for: Shops, Advertising, Point-Of-Sale displays, Vending machines, Kiosks, Museums, Public transport, City hall, etc.

digital signage software
Local or distant display control

Linutop web Kiosk

Linutop Kiosk software can be quickly setup as the starting application, with predefined settings such as :

Parameters : Starting Page, whitelist or a blacklist, display options, locked with a password, etc.

Secure: with « the lock mode », the initial state is always recovered at each restart

Ideal for : Waiting room, Hotel lobby, Office, Hospitals, School, Library .

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Kiosk secured & ready to use

Linutop Kiosk Setup

Digital signage software setup

Linutop Kiosk Setup will help you to easily setup your Web kiosk or/and Digital signage player through the interface. Linutop Kiosk can be setup into 3 modes :

1. Web Kiosk:

As a professional web terminal, customize the parameters of navigation:

Default URL, archives management, maximum number of simultaneously open windows, and the display time of the time out message, local or distant web site.

2. Digital Signage Player:

This menu enables the management of the display playlist, including the time and order, and supports photos, URLs, videos, PDF, music files and screen sleep mode.
The playlist can be easily managed from :
- a local playlist (including a local folder)
- a remote server (local on the netwok or the Internet)
- a USB key

3. Web Kiosk and Digital Signage player:

Use your system as a public Web kiosk which will turn itself into a digital signage screen when nobody use it.

Important: Linutop Kiosk can starts automatically at startup.. It will also completely locked your Web Kiosk or Digital Signage Player.
logiciel affichage dynamique
Linutop Kiosk Setup - Selection of the mode

logiciel affichage dynamique
Linutop Kiosk Setup - Internet kiosk setup

logiciel affichage linux
Linutop Kiosk Setup - Digital signage setup

Remote Control

Linutop Kiosk remote can control your Screen from a web browser

-Channel: local playlist or Linutop TV selection
-Playlist: playlist item selection
-Direct: display a text directly
Linutop remote is accessible from any browser on a smartphone, tablette or pc.

For a more reactive display
- Call someone in a waiting room
- Real time display selection in a shop
Linutop remote
Linutop remote from a smartphone



Energy saving

green mini PC fanless Linutop

Fanless PC with no moving parts, Linutop offers a completely silent, energy-efficient operation in an extremely small package.

Linutop power consumption is up to 10 times smaller than a regular PC, a great saving when running 24h-7d.

Maintenance free

green mini PC maintenance free

The Linutop operating system is stored in an internal flash memory and cannot be altered by virus or mishap.

The system can be locked with a password, preventing alterations by viruses or other mishaps.
Initial state can be recovered at each restart.

Low deployment costs

green mini PC fanless Linutop embeded system

The USB key back-up feature makes it easier to deploy a singular configuration.

Linutop is delivered with open source ready-to-use Linux software: Firefox, Open Office, VLC Media player... and can be easily customized with additional software.