Digital Signage & VIVATECH

VIVATECH Trade show underline the digital screens use for Visual communication.

Digital signage allows broadcast informations to customers and users.
Linutop offers a cost effective SaaS broadcasting solution : Linutop.TV.

Discover our new versions now :
- : Signage on Private or Cloud Server (SaaS)
- Linutop OS for display
- Linutop Kiosk for Raspberry Pi

Nantes concert hall Zenith is using

Nantes Zenith concert hall broadcast videos during shows with technology.

Linutop kiosk software runs videos from a player behind each screen. allows centralised video broadcasting hence totem média communications agency can program HD video broadcast from a web browser.

video HD at Nantes Zenith

Holographic installation in a museum

An Holographic projection is used at La Maison du Marais museum, a nice way to offer a realistic and immersive scenery.

Based on Linutop kiosk digital signage solution allowing automated display of HD video, Photos, pdf or WebPages.

Affordable and quick to setup, this installation uses a Linutop XS and Raspberry Pi with Linutop OS.

Holographic video at la Maison du Marais

Linutop at POPAI Trade show in Paris

Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles
Pavilion 4
March 27,28,29 : 9:30AM – 6:30PM
1, Place de la Porte de Versailles 75015 Paris

Linutop will be happy to introduce you to :
- Linutop XS and Linutop 6
- Linutop OS for Raspberry Pi
- Signage on Private or Cloud Server

The trade show is dedicated to Visual communication Digital signage and Point of sale Marketing.

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Linutop Booth H79.

Display Full HD video with Linutop OS !

Now available on PC and Raspberry Pi.

Linutop OS can play Full HD 1080p videos!

Ideal for a Professional use:
- Video acceleration for a smooth mp4 video playback
- This option is now available in the last version of Linutop Kiosk player for Raspberry Pi
- Allowing automated video start and screen screen shutdown programmation.

Set up your player in few clicks,
Try it now !

Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

Happy New Year 2018 !

Linutop Team is wishing you a Happy New Year !

Happy New Year !!
Feliz Año Nuevo !!
Ein Gutes Neues Jahr !!
Bonne Année !!
Onnellista Uutta Vuotta !!
ukkig Nieuwjaar !!
Gott nytt år !!
Felice anno nuovo !!
Godt nytår !!
☺ !!

So, What’s New?

- Linutop XS : Ultra Mini Computer fanless and energy efficient (<3 Watts), (8 GB) ready to use.
- Linutop 6 : Mini PCs fanless and energy efficient.
- Linutop OS : For any PC or Raspberry Pi, Secure Internet Access, Digital Signage & more…Try it Now!
- Linutop Kiosk : Software for Digital Signage and/or Secure Internet access in public location.
- Linutop TV : New Digital Signage Service over the web or as a Private server on your network.

recycle an old PC or Raspberry Pi with linutop OS !

Linutop 6 mini PC is available!

We’re happy to announce the new Linutop 6, Smaller, silent, energy efficient:

Perfect for secure Intenet access, digital signage, silent desktop and many other applications.

  • Ready to use (Software included)
  • Silent (fanless )with no moving part
  • Small and light (350g 12.3oz)
  • Energy efficient (<14w)
  • Cost Efficient maintenance free with linutop lock.

The new Linutop 6 is powered by Linutop OS 16.04, lightweight and optimized Ubuntu distribution 16.04 LTS including Internet and display kiosks for professional uses.

Linutop 6 can be mounted on the back of a  screen (VESA)

- Brochure (pdf).
- Quick userguide (pdf).

The new Linutop 6 is available on Linutop Shop

Linutop in Paris Open Source Summit in Paris 2017

Paris Open Source Summit, 6th and 7th December

Exhibition and conferences – DOCK PULLMANN
Opening hours:
6th December 8.30 am to 7 pm
7th December 9 am to 6 pm

Linutop will be happy to introduce you to :
- New Products : Linutop 6
- Linutop OS available on Raspberry Pi 3 and linutop XS
- Private or Cloud Server with Linutop TV

Linutop Booth D13
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Linutop XS main features overview

Linutop XS is small an light, perfect for Digital Signage, it fits behind any screens.

Ready to use, it includes the Linutop Kiosk Software.
It can display HD video, photo, webpage, PDF or audio broadcast and also turn off the screen.

Navigate safely with Linutop OS!

Now available for PC and Raspberry Pi.

Linutop OS is designed with ‘XFCE’ classic graphical environment and Linux, providing the best security.

Ideal for a Professional use
-Digital signage (web page, video, image, pdf…)
-Internet Kiosk (for public secure access)

Select and configure your system in just a few clicks.
Try it now

Linutop OS Internet KioskLinutop OS Internet Kiosk

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