Pontet city hall Digital Signage

Pontet city hall has been setup with Linutop XS. Linutop kiosk player software can display agendas, wayfinding, announcements, city-produced videos for residents and visitors.

Linutop XS allows you to display information on HDMI screen.
The following are therefore supported:
- the formats: PDF, JPG or PNG image, video, RTSP, web page.
- the screen sleep mode
This software solution offers, at a very affordable cost, a continuous display even if the network is down.

Linutop OS is available below for PC or Raspberry Pi.

Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

Digital signage for town hall


Digital Signage – Bernard Chochoy School

Bernard Chochoy School digital signage is set up with Linutop kiosk player and Linutop.tv integrated private server. Enhancing internal communication in an educational environnement.

Linutop TV allows you to edit the display “playlist” from a web browser.
The solution can manage:
- formats: PDF, JPG or PNG image, video, RTSP, web page.
- date / display duration
- screen sleep mode

The solution was installed on a Raspberry Pi.
This software offers an affordable digital signage solution without recurring fees.

Linutop OS and kiosk available below for PC or Raspberry Pi.

Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

Digital signage for a college

Leclerc Atlantis supermarket uses Linutop.tv for digital signage

Leclerc Atlantis supermarket broadcasts videos adds on giants LED screens with Linutop.tv technology. The Linutop kiosk player software allows LED pannel display with media auto resizing.

Linutop.tv centralises the video broadcasting management, Totem media communication agency can program the video broacast.

The new Linutop kiosk version, can display Video, Photo, PDF, Page Web and even Web page auto scrolling!

Try it now on PC or Raspberry Pi !

Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

Video on large LED video display

Digital signage – L’Académie de danse la tour chooses Linutop XS3 solution

L’Academie de danse la tour uses the Linutop XS3 to display its information. Videos of choreography, classical dance, hip hop lessons and photos automatically scroll on the home screen. This display demonstrates trainings more effectively.

Linutop solutions Benefits:
- Economic: (without subscription)
- Quick to set up
- Update by USB key or local directory
- Continuous display of videos, photos, PDF, web page…

Linutop kiosk is a professional digital signage solution.
Try it now on PC or Raspberry Pi!

Download Linutop OS digital signagepurchase Linutop OS

Welcome screen with Linutop XS

Covid-19 prevention signage with Linutop system!

Linutop digital signage kiosk software can be setup for Covid-19 prevention messages, providing an efficient visual communication.

Configure a prevention messages screen in your company:
- Can be used on any screens
- Linutop OS Installed on a PC or a Raspberry Pi
- Flexible Digital signage player (image, video, web page, pdf…)

- Secure
- Quick to setup (download, configure and run)

Available as a download or an SD memory card.
Compatibility: PC or Raspberry Pi Zero, A, B, B+, 2, 3 and 4.

Linutop OS Internet KioskLinutop OS Internet Kiosk

Covid-19 prevention slide show

New Linutop OS for Raspberry Pi4 !

Linutop Operating System is now available for Raspberry Pi 4.
Available as a download or an SD memory card.
Linutop OS is based on Raspbian Buster with ‘XFCE’ classic graphical environment. It is supplied with the main Linux software.

Ideal for a Professional use
-Digital signage (web page, image, video, pdf…)
-Internet Kiosk (for public secure access)
-Dedicated use: Embedded system, probe, monitoring …

- Security and privacy
- Kiosk Software for Secure access or Digital signage
- Hardware Acceleration for VLC
- Boot Time < 30 seconds

Compatibility: Raspberry Pi Zero, A, B, B+, 2, 3 and 4.

Linutop OS Internet KioskLinutop OS Internet Kiosk

as a download (IMG or NOOBS) or an SD

Nouveau Linutop OS pour Raspberry Pi4 !

Linutop ‘Operating System’ est maintenant disponible pour Raspberry Pi 4.
En téléchargement ou sur carte mémoire SD

Linutop OS s’appuie sur la distribution ‘Raspbian Buster’ avec l’environnement graphique ‘XFCE’ plus classique. Il inclut les principaux logiciels Linux nécessaire à une utilisation en entreprise.

Idéal pour des utilisations professionnelles:
- Affichage dynamique (Page web, Image, Vidéo, PDF…)
- Kiosque Internet (Accès publique, sécurisé)
- Usage dédié: système embarqué, sonde, monitoring …

- Sécurité et Confidentialité
- Logiciel kiosque pour borne ou affichage dynamique
- Accélérateur graphique pour VLC (Lecture HD )
- Temps de démarrage < 30 secondes

Compatibilité les Raspberry Pi Zero, A, B, B+, 2 ,3 et 4 .

Linutop OS Internet KioskLinutop OS Internet Kiosk

sur SD ou en Téléchargement

EPSI school is using Linutop.tv for internal communication

EPSI engineering shool uses Linutop.tv to display school informations and students creations, like videos, pictures, PDF or web pages on screens.

The Digital Signage is designed with Raspberry Pi using linutop OS XS connected to Linutop.tv private server.

Linutop.tv main Benefits :
- Screen management on a local network.
- Affordable: no recurring costs.
- Works on any HDMI screen.
- Continue to display the informations even if the network is down.

Linutop.tv digital signage is quick to set up for School, college, or University and efficient for internal communication.

Try it now on PC or Raspberry Pi !

Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

Cafeteria screen

Linutop TV server is now available for Raspberry Pi !

Linutop.TV Server can be installed on a Raspberry Pi in order to manage digital signage of several Raspberry Pi running Linutop OS with Linutop Kiosk player.

Linutop.TV server is accessible with a web browser on the network allowing:
- to load the medias,
- to program the display ‘playlists’
- to broadcast them on differents screens.

- Web interface accessible on the local network.
- Security and privacy (offline use)
- Energy efficient (screensaver)
- Affordable equipment (Raspberry Pi)

Display or audio broadcast for: Schools, clinics, shops, museums, town halls, offices, sports complex, factories …

Digital signage with Linutop.TV server

Supported formats : image, PDF, URL link, RTSP stream, web page, HD video and music.

Compatible: Raspberry Pi Zero, A, B, B+, 2, 3 & 3B+.

Linutop OS Internet KioskLinutop OS Internet Kiosk

GOODPLANET foundation is using Linutop.tv

GOODPLANET foundation uses Linutop Kiosk to display High definition and very high quality videos made by Yann-Arthus Bertrand.
Linutop.TV allows video broadcasting.

Linutop tv main Benefits :
- Remote screens management on a local network.
- Affordable Using existing screens.
- Quick set-up and energy efficient.

Set up your player in few cliks,
Try it now on PC or Raspberry Pi !

Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

HD Video at GoodPlanet Paris

Digital Signage & VIVATECH


VIVATECH Trade show underline the digital screens use for Visual communication.

Linutop offers a cost effective Digital signage solution in SaaS or Private mode : Linutop.TV.

Discover our new versions now :
- Linutop.tv : Signage on Private or Cloud Server (SaaS)
- Linutop OS for display
- Linutop Kiosk for Raspberry Pi

Nantes concert hall Zenith is using linutop.tv

Nantes Zenith concert hall broadcast videos during shows with Linutop.tv technology.

Linutop kiosk software runs videos from a player behind each screen.

Linutop.tv allows centralised video broadcasting hence totem média communications agency can program HD video broadcast from a web browser.

video HD at Nantes Zenith

Holographic installation in a museum

An Holographic projection is used at La Maison du Marais museum, a nice way to offer a realistic and immersive scenery.

Based on Linutop kiosk digital signage solution allowing automated display of HD video, Photos, pdf or WebPages.

Affordable and quick to setup, this installation uses a Linutop XS and Raspberry Pi with Linutop OS.

Holographic video at la Maison du Marais

Display Full HD video with Linutop OS !

Now available on PC and Raspberry Pi.

Linutop OS can play Full HD 1080p videos!

Ideal for a Professional use:
- Video acceleration for a smooth mp4 video playback
- This option is now available in the last version of Linutop Kiosk player for Raspberry Pi
- Allowing automated video start and screen screen shutdown programmation.

Set up your player in few clicks,
Try it now !

Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

Linutop 6 mini PC is available!

We’re happy to announce the new Linutop 6, Smaller, silent, energy efficient:

Perfect for secure Intenet access, digital signage, silent desktop and many other applications.

  • Ready to use (Software included)
  • Silent (fanless )with no moving part
  • Small and light (350g 12.3oz)
  • Energy efficient (<14w)
  • Cost Efficient maintenance free with linutop lock.

The new Linutop 6 is powered by Linutop OS 16.04, lightweight and optimized Ubuntu distribution 16.04 LTS including Internet and display kiosks for professional uses.

Linutop 6 can be mounted on the back of a  screen (VESA)

- Brochure (pdf).
- Quick userguide (pdf).

The new Linutop 6 is available on Linutop Shop

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