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Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

opensource webkiosk

Linutop Kiosk for open source webkiosk

Linutop is a fanless, reduced footprint and energy efficient computer. It can be used as an open source webkiosk with Linutop Kiosk software and Linutop OS operating system.

Linutop OS, a simple and practical solution

In Linutop 2 and 5, the operating system was installed directly on the mini PC. Linutop OS is itself contained in a USB key. It can be installed on all PCs. This new operating system based on Ubuntu is designed for displays in hotels, libraries, hospitals and other public places. Together with Linuto Kiosk they can turn any PC into a secure open source webkiosk.

Linutop OS comes together with Linutop Lock security system allowing the internet terminal to be locked in read-only. This prevents system corruption by malware or improper handling. Linutop OS also allows for savings on maintenance costs. Indeed, this system gets back to its initial state after each reboot.

Linutop Kiosk, an easy way to have an open source webkiosk

Linutop Kiosk runs with Linutop OS, an operating system based on the latest version of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. It features many functionality, it is for example possible to set the default URL, limit the number of windows open simultaneously... The restriction menu allows to establish a list of allowed sites. All these manipulations are done in a few clicks.

Once you have determined your system configuration, it can be saved on a USB key and duplicated at will. Add to this the fact that Linutop allows a significant energy saving and you will have a good overview of why Linutop are perfect open source webkiosks.