fanless computing

fanless computing

Fanless computing with energy efficient and silent small PC

Linutop is a very compact computer, because it does not include a fan and its hard drive has been replaced by a USB or flash memory. It runs with Linutop OS which can be installed on PCs and is available in several versions. They are all fanless computing solutions and the absence of a ventilation system makes them particularly quiet.

Easy to set up fanless computing solutions.

Linutop fanless computing comes with preinstalled utilities such as Mozilla Firefox, OpenOffice and VLC Media Player. It allows the creation of a backup key and booting from a dedicated support (or USB flash drive). It comes with the Linutop Kiosk software, with its various features : dynamic display of multimedia content organized into Playlists, secure Internet kiosks, etc. It is particularly useful for shops, waiting rooms, hotel halls, museums, schools, etc. Robust and efficient, it requires only minimal maintenance.

An established reputation.

Linutop fanless computing gains the favor of a large audience and has already been sold in over fifty countries. It was chosen by French and foreign public institutions, universities and research institutes and adopted for communication in meteorological centers, in the industrial centers of renowned IT companies.

Small footprint, low power consumption and low noise level made it an unparalleled asset in ornithology studies. Linutop turns out to be a very profitable product over the years. Specialized press also continues to promote its merits. An online FAQ service answers the main questions that you may have regarding Linutop mini PC, its operating system, Linutop OS and Linutop Kiosk software.