Digital signage for hospital waiting room

- How to welcome patients in an hospital waiting room?
The Linutop digital signage solution allows to broadcast videos PDF, web page or images for the hospital waiting room.

- The need:
The waiting room of a hospital is a transitional room between waiting and patient care. A good waiting room must be reassuring and comfortable, but it also serves to inform patients about health preservation by informing them with dynamic messages on a screen.

- The solution:
The Hospital Center of Chateauroux , selected Linutop TV. Linutop digital signage software allows the dentist displays to be updated quickly in order to:

- Broadcast hygiene and prevention messages.
- Provide information about the hospital itself.
- Relax patients with attractive content.

Player Download: Linutop OS Kiosk playerLinutop OS Kiosk Player

Digital signage for the waiting room of a hospital

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