Linutop XS

The smallest Linutop!
Ready to use: pre-installed software

Ideal for dedicated computing needs:
-Digital signage (display web page...)
-Secure Internet Kiosk (for light page)
-Embedded system (car, plane, boat)
-Dedicated use: probe, monitoring ...


- Linutop OS XS - XFCE
- Linutop Configuration Panel
- Linutop Kiosk
- Libre office, VLC Media Player
- Web browser Chromium, PDF viewer, VNC


Processor: 900Mhz quad core ARM
Memory: 8 GB Flash (Internal SD), 1GB RAM
Ethernet: 10/100baseT (RJ-45)
Display: 1920x1080 HDMI Video, VGA capable
Mother board: Raspberry Pi 2
Ports: 4xUSB 2.0, Audio Out 3mm
Casing: Aluminum with steel mounting
Size 9x6x2,4 cm (3.6x2.4x1 in) Weight: 92g (3oz)
Power: 4W (100-240 AC adapter)
Casing: Aluminum with steel mounting
Warranty: 1 year (extensible to 3 years)
Data Sheet
Quick User Guide

Linutop OS XS

Front face


Vesa Mounting

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