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!!! Attention!!! - This does not work for Linutop OS 3.0 !!!

!!! it will crash your installation of OS 3.x !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Modifying the usplash theme requires a bit of tweaking. It needs a compilation of C sources.

First you need to install a few things:

  • add the linutop source repository:
 sudo su # be root
 echo "deb-src 2-2-2 main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
 apt-get update
  • install the splash build dependencies and a few tools
 apt-get build-dep linutop-artwork
 apt-get install fakeroot devscripts

Then get the sources:

 exit # go back as simple user
 apt-get source linutop-artwork
 cd linutop-artwork-*/usplash

The background image and throbber images need to be 256 colors indexed .pngs. The colormap index is used in the usplash-theme-linutop.c file to define the colors.

Once you've updated the images and the .c file, build the .deb and install it:

 cd .. # sources root
 debuild -us -uc
 sudo debi

Now a new initramfs has been generated, copy it in /cdrom:

 sudo cp /boot/initrd.img-$(uname -r) /boot/initrd.gz