barebone pc

barebone pc

Choose Linutop barebone PC

If you need a barebone PC with excellent value for money, discover the mini PCs proposed by Linutop. Choose the model that best fits your needs, taking into account the use of the device and the budget you have.

What is barebone PC?

The terms "barebone" is used to denote the basic constituent of the CPU of a computer, namely the housing, power supply, and motherboard. In order to customize a barebone PC to be efficient and appropriate for his needs, the user can add additional components: a more powerful microprocessor, a hard disk with more capacity, a RAM module with extended capacity, special graphic or sound card.

It is also possible to find models of barebone PC with the same format as conventional notebooks. In recent years, major PC manufacturers have developed a wide offer for mini/barebone PC. This is why the terms barebone PC are often used to refer to a mini PC.

Linutop’s barebone PCs: efficient and performance oriented devices

The Linutop company, a specialist of barebone PC, is distinguished by the quality of the devices it offers. Over the years, Linutop mini PC have constantly evolved in order to adapt to users’ needs.