Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Corporate Display Screen with Linutop!

Use dynamic display to communicate.

Very useful for internal communication of your company, dynamic display is a simple and effective tool to transmit your information and messages in real-time on all your screens. Positioned at strategic points on the premises of the company, the screens send information from the General Management, Marketing Department and Human Resources to all employees and visitors in one click! A simple and fast tool!

Staff Committee

Facilitate membership and federate all of your employees Digital Signage has many advantages:

  • - Centralize information to reduce the number of mails and posters
  • - Disseminate information on different screens from a computer to save time
  • - Acquire a communication tool that fits best to your needs
  • - For your employees, a dynamic vision of the organization of their Works Council

Linutop display solutions

Linutop is a turn-key solution, providing a mini computer, the Linutop XS based on the Raspberry Pi technology, known for being extra thin an extra energy efficient. This small PC will fit behind any screen and will allow you, thank to the Linutop Kiosk software, to edit and manage your digital signage system.