cube pc

cube pc

A cube PC : what is it ?

All users of desktop computers, at home and at work, surely want to replace their bulky PC tower case with smaller models, with reduced size, better known as cube PC. The latter often have the advantage of being very quiet, being cooled naturally by air, with no internal fan.

A brief overview of the evolution of cube PC

Apple produced in 2001 a highly compressed cube PC called Mac Mini which presented interesting design features, but whose price was very high. Since then, manufacturers have built of all kinds of cube PC targeted at an audience that wants to combine performance, small size, low power consumption and silence.

Moreover, these models often offer the feature of being adjustable at will. They are suitable for those who, in addition to the advantages previously mentioned, want the opportunity to customize and computers – often in order to improve the performance of their devices.

Linutop, powerful and easy to use cube PC

Linutop has designed a mini PC which, while not exactly a cube PC, perfectly meets the small footprint, noise emission and energy savings requirements of these devices. It is very innovative, since it is among the first models that can be run from a USB key.

Being very robust, it requires only minimal maintenance and works with the new Linutop OS operating system, which is also preinstalled. Its size allows it to be easily attached to any suitable display. With the software Linutop Kiosk, it will support all your digital signage applications and perform very well as a web kiosk.