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Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

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digital display software Download

Digital signage software should allow you to manage slideshows, transitions, display highly readable tables and update the information to be disseminated. Linutop Kiosk, a program designed by the manufacturer Linutop for its mini PC, is the ideal solution.
Easy to configure and lightweight, it can distribute your playlists and digital content as you wish. With the free trial of our software, which has as many options and possibilities as the paid, you can try many of our models.

An digital display software Download, for who ?

Real estate agencies, department stores, city halls, government buildings, institutions (hospitals or other), hotels, schools, offices, factories and various other business users can all benefit greatly from this technological tool. However, more and more individuals are adopting it, thanks to its ease of use, which attracts them a lot and its digital display functionality that appears as one of the motivations that drive many to choose it.

At Linutop, we provide you with our free digital display software Download so that you can try our service before any purchase. Just configure it according to your needs, it will then stream your playlist in loop. Its menu also allows the integration of browser settings, so that it is easy to transmit video streams via digital display