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digital screen advertising

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

digital sign advertising

Digital screen advertising

The advertising world is constantly changing. It changes based on consumer behavior and vice versa. Today, most billboard advertisements are relayed or even replaced by digital screen advertising.

Digital screen advertising, a popular media among consumers

Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular and is now used in several areas, including advertising. Operated via the digital signals of LCD and plasma screens, it became an excellent support for ads. Indeed, digital screen advertising is visible everywhere: in public transport, airports, in shopping malls ... It is mostly found in shops in order to influence buying decisions. The advantage of digital screen advertising compared to traditional TV commercials is that it is much more popular with consumers because it is used where and when it is necessary..

Linutop, a platform for your digital sign advertising.

The technology of digital signage relies on ever innovating devices. Linutop, manufactures very efficient and discreet fanless mini PC. Placed in shops, bars, town halls and other public places, Linutops are perfect supports for digital screen advertising. Because of their small size and footprint, they only need little room.

Linutops allow non stop broadcasting and can operate 24/7 for digital screen advertising. They can also support other types of files ie images, videos and web pages. They are very practical and can be easily configured to suit your needs.