digital signage advertising

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

digital signage advertising

Digital signage advertising, the advertising medium of the future

Now, digital signage advertising has almost overcome traditional billboards advertising. Indeed, these old media can never compete with the dynamic display, a new kind of media that is more and more successful.

Digital signage advertising, a successful means of communication

Using plasma and LCD screens, digital signage advertising came to the rescue of the older television advertising which is often seen as intruder in consumers' homes. Digital signage advertising kiosks are scattered in areas suitable as shopping malls and stores, where they perfectly in for the targeted audience.

Digital signage then has a great impact on purchasing decisions made at the shop and can really contribute in increasing sales. It is good both for the customer and the shop. Digital signage advertising technology is expanding with the development of new models and innovative features from manufacturers specializing in this field.

Linutop’s digital signage software solution

Linutop is a French company in the market of computer solutions since its creation in 2006. Linutop manufactures fanless mini PCs running with a Linux based OS, which can also turn into digital signage advertising terminals thanks to Linutop Kiosk software. With Linutop Kiosk, you have the opportunity to broadcast a playlist 24/7. Linutops are easy to configure and have the major advantages of being efficient and discreet.

Because of their small size and small footprint, you can use them everywhere, including in shops, bars, museums, public transports, reception areas, town halls.