Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage, the solution for a better communication in schools and education establishment.

Why should you use a digital signage system in scholar environment ?

Broadcasting information related to scholar life :
  • - Room booking and switching
  • - Missing professors
  • - Promoting student achievements
  • ...
Broadcasting information related to extra scholar life :
  • - Community life
  • - Digital menu boards
  • - Events calendar
  • ...

The main benefit of the Digital Signage is that the information is alterable and broadcastable in real time. Furthermore the information being available on a dynamic and visual support, it will reach its target easier. Finally, if your establishment owns several screens, it is possible to adapt its communication depending on where each screen is, favorising even more the transmission of information.

Develop the communication in your establishment and ease the communication as much for the students as for employees.

Thanks to the Linutop Solution, dispose of a small, silent and powerful digital system for your screens with multiple benefits :

  • - Quick to set-up, plug in the device to your screen and you are ready to go
  • - Easy to use, thanks to a clear interface, it is simple to create and manage his own digital signage system.
  • - Affordable, for 189€ you have the small Linutop XS computer as well as the Linutop Kiosk software enabling users to manage their playlists.