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Digital signage for Raspberry Pi

Build your own digital signage player with a Raspberry Pi, with linutop OS software, you will get a professional signage solution.

Linutop Kiosk is a Raspberry pi digital signage software included in Linutop OS

What can you display with a digital signage for raspberry pi?

- HD videos
- Pictures
- Web Pages
- Animated GIF
- Turn off you screen at night

The Kiosk player software allows you to manage slideshows, video, display and update the information to be broadcasted on your screen.

How to setup a digital signage for raspberry pi?

Just download Linutop OS free software and install it on a Micro SD inside any Raspberry Pi and you are ready to go!
Linutop OS is based on Raspberry Pi OS and can be installed on the entire line of Raspberry Pi: Zero, 1, 2, 3, 4, 400, B, B+, A and A+.
To configure the digital signage for Raspberry Pi according to your needs, create the playlist by adding your documents in the interface.

Linutop TV broadcasting server can be installed on Raspberry Pi Allowing to broadcast scheduel playlists to your players.
Easy to configure and lightweight, it can distribute your playlists and your digital content on your players vi a web interface.
it can be installed on a Raspberry pi or used as a Saas service and help you to manage one or many screens from a web browser.
With linutop.TV and raspberry pi create a lean, reliable, scalable and full HD screen network system.

Digital signage for Raspberry Pi is ideal for use in shops, waiting rooms, companies, hotels, museums, government offices, factories, schools...