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Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

digital signage software

digital signage for Raspberry (Pi)

Build your own digital signage player with a Raspberry Pi, With linutop OS software you will get a proofessional signage solution. With linutop.TV and raspberry pi create a lean, reliable, scalable and full HD screen network system. Linutop Kiosk raspberry digital signage software

digital signage for raspberry pi allows you to manage slideshows, video, display and update the information to be broadcasted., a server program designed for Raspberry Pi, is an ideal solution. Easy to configure and lightweight, it can distribute your playlists and your digital content as you wish on players.

Just configure the raspberry according to your needs, it will then broadcast your playlist in loop. Its menu also allows the integration of browser settings, so it is easy to stream video streams via digital display, especially with the raspberry.

Linutop, the reference in raspberry digital signage software. Linutop TV broadcasting server is also downloadable on Raspberry.

Linutop OS, can be run on Raspberry (Pi) as its operating system. It includes the digital signage software for raspberry pi Linutop Kiosk. The latter is specially designed for digital signage and allows secure access to the Internet. Digital signage for Raspberry is ideal for use in hotels, museums, shops, government offices, factories, schools...