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digital signage software

Digital signage, Free Trial

Why choose Linutop Kios digital signage ?

Linutop's digital signage solution is a professional tool that displays on a screen all kinds of information and media files: images, photos, movies and HD video, but also web pages. This digital signage solution can also be used for playing audio files. Despite its performance, you should know that, like all others digital signage solutions, Linutop Kiosk cannot completely replace paper within a business.

The Linutop Digital signage free trial Player kiosk is downloadable by clicking here, our software makes available various display features such as photos, videos, web pages, PDF while automating the display as soon as your machine is switched on.

Linutop Kiosk, digital signage

Linutop mini PCs can run all day without interruption and are suitable for all professional activities. So that everyone can enjoy use them as digital signage solution, their operating system was specially designed to be accessible to inexperienced users. Linutop Kiosk is very easy to handle and configure.

Linutop Kiosk is very popular with professionals who want to broadcast commercials at their place of sale. Currently, more and more hotels, restaurants, shops and museums choose Linutop Kiosk digital signage solution. It is very simple to create a playlist with different types of files: photos, images, web pages, animations. It is also possible to program the display time for all these media files.

With the free trial, you can download and test our digital signage services and build your own opinion about our service.

An effective display solution for who?

Real estate agencies, department stores, town halls, government institutions, institutions (hospitals or others), hotels, schools, offices, factories and many other professional users can benefit greatly from this technological tool.

It's ease of use attracts more and more consumers. Just as its digital display functionality, sometimes called digital signage, appears as one of the motivations that drives many to choose it.