digital signage kiosk

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

digital signage kiosk

Digital signage kiosk a great tool for broadcasting and advertising

In trade fairs, digital signage kiosks allow each participant to present their products and services in an attractive manner. This technology, inexpensive, and practical is adopted by many companies who want to keep their leadership in their market.

An attractive way to present products

Many companies put the digital signage kiosk in their lobby or waiting area to present their activities or their products. This technique of visual communication requires little equipment and can reach a wide audience. The attention of each individual is actually more captivated by the information displayed on the screens.

Each kiosk can broadcast multimedia files, be it videos, photos, images or text. Better informed customers are more likely to buy. Furthermore, this device also helps to save time for salesmen. Having already an idea about the service or item they will buy, buyers are thus able to ask salesmen much precise information.

Linutop: digital signage kiosk solution

Many companies use Linutop fanless mini PC for their digital signage kiosk. They can be set according to your desires. You can install multiple multimedia playing software to broadcast your messages continuously. Lightweight, powerful and discreet, these mini computers will go completely unnoticed in your venues.

They are also very economical because they consume little power. You can use them as 24/7 digital signage kiosk without fear or overheating. All our mini PCs run with Linutop OS operating system which is both lightweight and secure. If you want to limit access, you can lock it with a simple password. Finally, you can also use our products as Internet access point and other basic uses, they will always bring you full satisfaction.