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Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

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Manage your digital signage networks Linutop

Being known and seen by as many people as possible are among the objectives of all merchants. Linutop offers them the right solution that meets their needs : Linutop mini PC that manages an entire digital signage networks easily..

Linutop mini-computer

Linutop is a mini PC that can turn into an Internet terminal or a support for digital signage networks, in no time. This is possible thanks to Linutop OS operating system the software Linutop Kiosk which are both integrated. At any time, you can manage the entire infrastructure of your signage from one device to visually communicate with your target audience.

As a mini PC, it also provides the basic functionality of a desktop computer with its Libre Office suite for word processing or spreadsheet calculations. It also has software to play videos and music. Finally, it gets you quickly and securely over the Internet via Firefox. This little device is suitable for everyday use. It attaches easily behind a screen and is particularly quiet and economical.

Linutop, versatile manufacturer of mini PC

Linutop is a French manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for professionals. We offer fanless mini PC that are running Linux, to equip autonomous posts. These nettops offer a fast and secure access to the Internet via Firefox and can perform basic office tasks. Linutop OS module incorporated therein can also be used for digital signage networks performance.

Practical, solid, quiet and energy efficient, Linutop micro-computers are currently used by a wide variety of clients such as museums, schools, shops, industries, hotels, IT companies and even local councils