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Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

digital signage providers

How to recognize the best digital signage providers?

Currently, more and more digital signage providers offer their products and services online. However, the terms “dynamic display” are sometimes used professionals who sell basic equipment whose quality is not satisfactory. It is therefore necessary to choose the best digital signage providers to be certain to acquire the best equipment.

Efficient appliances

The Linutop company is among the digital signage providers who reflect the needs of their customers. Indeed, the various Linutop products presented online have been carefully selected so that every customer can have a professional communication tool adapted to their requirements. The Linutop units are fanless mini PCs which offer many advantages. Because of their small size, they are not bulky and can be placed in a waiting hall to display one or more advertisements 24/7.

The strengths of Linutop mini PCs

Since these mini computers are fanless, their energy consumption is significantly reduced. These units are very quiet and run with Linutop OS. This a special operating system, derived from Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, that stands out from all the offers of other digital signage providers thanks to its enhanced system performance and overall safety.

These mini PCs can be used as Internet Kiosks. They can also be used as dynamic digital signage supports and play most digital files. Thus, whatever your needs may be, you just have to choose the Linutop which is best suited be it for a web kiosk of for digital signage. So if you want to invest in modern and efficient equipment, rely on great digital signage providers like Linutop.