Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital signage for showroom :

Digital signage is particularly effective in showroom and will allow you for example to:
• increase the effectiveness of your communication actions, making them faster than the paper edition, and alterable at all time.
• improve the visitor experience, by displaying information like corporate video, company web site, slideshow...
• giving your showroom a modern touch.

Digital signage software for showroom with Linutop !

Linutop has designed two mini computers for digital signage purposes:
Linutop XS ➔ small of the size of a card pack, silent since it is fanless, it fits everywhere and then you can hide it behind your screens.
Linutop 6 ➔ with same characteristics than the Linutop XS but more powerful.
Once all your players are plugged in to your screens, you might benefit from the service made by Linutop, Linutop TV which enables to manage as many screens as you want with only a web portal. It is even available in two versions, one accessible via Internet and the Cloud, and the other one totally private, installed locally for maximum privacy.

The system can operate 24/7 and is specially designed to be a low power system. Linutop mini-computers are ideal tools for displaying photos and documents, streaming videos, etc. As a digital display medium, they have several features. For example, it is possible to set the duration of each element to be displayed and when they shall be displayed in the day. Linutop mini PCs have other advantages. Since they are fanless, they consume very little energy and are extremely quiet. Indeed, Linutop micro-computers have an energy requirement 10 times lower than ordinary PCs.

The Linutop dynamic display solution is an ideal choice for professionals who intend to broadcast every day. They can turn into Internet kiosks with a few clicks thanks to the Linutop Kiosk software included in Linutop OS. Ideal for showroom who leave internet terminals available to visitors! In addition, the Linutop Operating System is available for PCs and Raspberry Pi.
It is available for free download here!
If you already own a raspberry Pi, you can turn it into a powerful digital signage player by installing Linutop OS on it and plugging it on your display screen. Finally, if you already have NEC screens, the Linutop OS can now run on "NEC Large-Screen Pxx4 and Vxx4 Displays" with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module.