digital signage system

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

digital signage system

Choose the best digital signage system

If you want a high quality digital signage system, you will find great offers with Linutop. Adopt this innovative hardware to boost your performance and to better target your customers.

Choosing the digital signage system

Digital signage system is the essential equipment for the communication of a company wishing to take advantage of new technologies. Linutop Kiosk is a software that allows you to configure your computer to become an internet terminal or a secure dynamic digital display support.

Linutops can be used as internet terminals in a waiting room, a hotel, schools, hospitals or libraries. Their operating system, namely Linutop OS, is both secure and easy to use. It is even possible to configure its various options to suit your needs and your requirements. You can choose your start page, define allowed sites and display options, and it is also possible to indicate the banned sites. Once configured Linutops can be protected by a password.

When your Linutop is not used as an Internet terminal, you can use it as a digital signage support to broadcast advertising, especially in your stores or at trade shows. This will allow you to enjoy the best digital signage system to promote your products and your business forward

Linutop you the best digital signage system

Linutop digital signage system offers many advantages and meets current ecological criteria. Indeed, it will consume up to ten times less energy than an ordinary PC. These fanless mini PCs does not occupy much space and can work continuously. It is also possible to program the display time and the order of files to read.

Whatever the types of files that make up your advertising, there will be no more adjustments to make when you first set was well done. Linutop’s experts will advise you so you can enjoy your purchase and the return on investment is rapid. Order your digital signage system online and enjoy the best customer service with Linutop