digital signage technology

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

digital signage technology

Digital signage technology, a must for every company

The use of the digital signage technology has helped many professionals improve communication with their employees. It is also effective as a marketing tool through the user-friendly broadcasting it allows.

Effective multimedia technology

More than long speeches and demonstrations, information or advertising played non stop can effectively present a company and its products to the public. Arranged in prominent locations, these broadcast all the useful information for customers visiting your premises. They receive all the information they need in a short time and conveniently. They can then ask their question to any salesman if an item or service has attracted their attention.

At fairs and trade shows, digital signage technology ensures maximum public impact with minimal means. It is no longer necessary to deploy significant resources to represent the organization, as it becomes unnecessary to provide hundreds of brochures to distribute to visitors. This system, apart from the fact that it is practical, is a surefire marketing tool, allowing major money saving.

Powerful digital display performance

To have your company at the forefront of technology in communication, do not hesitate to install digital signage in your premises. Choose Linutop digital signage technology. With these mini computers, you can send many kinds of messages to your employees or your customers. Internally, they can replace all your billboards while being effective marketing tools to attract the interest of your clients. You only have to install Linutop Kiosk software on your PC to broadcast your information, whether it is in video, image or text format.