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Digital Welcome Board

Company welcome screen allows any company to renew and enhance their image as much for their customers as for their employees. Paired with Linutop OS, it won't be simple screens anymore, but real new communication tools. It is essential to animate your welcome screen!

What is a company reception screen ?

It is a modern and professional way to provide a friendly welcome to visitors or customers entering your company building. It also becomes a communication tool for projecting various types of information from simple text to HD corporate videos. As a powerful digital signage system, it can also broadcast movies, flash animations, web pages and audio files. A reception screen will ensure a fast and easy broadcast of information towards your customers or employees.

What can you display on a digital welcome board?

- HD Corporate videos
- Pictures
- Web Pages
- Animated GIF
- Turn off you screen at night

The Kiosk player software allows you to manage slideshows, video, display and update the information to be broadcasted on your screen.

digital welcome board with Linutop !

Just download Linutop OS free software and install it on a PC or any Raspberry Pi and you are ready to go!

Linutop Kiosk Software allows professionals using Linutop mini PCs (Linutop XS or Raspberry Pis or any PCs to enjoy a waiting room display.

The Linutop full solution (mini computer and software) can work 24/7 and makes it easy to have a quality communication medium. Configuration is very simple and these mini PCs run silently. Linutops are the ideal tools for "on site advertising". Thanks to their small size they fit behind any screen, therefore they can be installed in shops, restaurants, hotels, museums or public transport. As digital signage support, they have several functionalities, it is for example possible to set the display time of each file: photos, videos, web page...

Linutop mini computers have other advantages. Since they are fanless, they consume very few energy and they are very quiet. Indeed, Linutop PCs need 10 times less energy than ordinary PCs to operate and are an ideal choice for professionals intending to use them all day such as waiting room screen usage.

Furthermore, they can be turned into Web Kiosks within few clicks thanks to the Linutop Kiosk software.

A digital welcome board is ideal for use in shops, companies, hotels, museums, shops, government offices, factories, schools...