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Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

Digital Signage

DOOH with Raspberry Pi

Digital advertising, already omnipresent on the Internet, is now undergoing a major evolution in the urban world. The DOOH includes, among others, urban digital display techniques and indoor digital display in shopping malls or airports for example. In order to deploy it for very accessible sums, many develop this business strategy on Raspberry Pi.

What is a DOOH with Raspberry Pi ?

The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost and basic computer. DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) is the information display technology in the urban sector. The combination of these two elements is an affordable versatile digital signage technology developing greatly in recent times as a result of its profitability.

The perfect balance between Raspberry Pi and Linutop OS

The DOOH with Raspberry Pi allows various companies with the help of mini-PC Linutop to disclose information faster. The system can operate 24/7 and is specially designed to be a low power system. Configuration is very simple, these mini PC fanless operate quietly. Linutop mini PCs are ideal tools for advertising, displaying photos, videos, etc. Thanks to their small size, they can be installed in shops, restaurants, hotels, museums or public transport. As digital display support, they have several features. It is possible, for example, to set the duration of each folder: photos, videos, web pages ... Many features are also available in the free trial version of the Linutop OS.

Linutop mini PCs have other advantages. Since they are fanless, they consume very little energy. Indeed, the mico Linutop computers have an energy requirement 10 times lower than ordinary PCs. The Linutop dynamic display solution is an ideal choice for professionals who intend to broadcast every day. They can turn into Internet kiosks within a few clicks thanks to the Linutop Kiosk software.