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Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

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Inform differently with dynamic digital signage

Dynamic digital signage is an advertising medium more and more popular. The many benefits derived from its use partly explain this popularity. Linutop is also present in this market.

Dynamic digital signage : a different way to inform

People are more receptive to what they see and hear than to what they read. When vision and hearing are requested, the message is clearer. Dynamic digital signage comply precisely to this principle. Music, commercials or news/category/en broadcasted through a properly installed screen in a waiting room will be more readily retained and attract more attention. By choosing Dynamic digital signage, you make a wise choice for an investment. This is an innovative approach to business, on track to become very popular. And results speak for themselves for companies that benefit from this new advertising medium.

Dynamic digital signage is also another way to entertain your consumers. Video clips, animations ... those who are in your waiting room or in the lobby will be more patient. Moreover, this type of display immediately gives a dynamic image of your company.

The Linutop solution

Linutop Kiosk can turn any PC into a Dynamic digital signage. It can also be used in shops and bars, in transports and entry halls. Linutop is also offering fanless mini computers runing with Linutop OS, a lighter version of Ubuntu 13.10. Its small size is one of the strengths of Linutop Kiosk. Moreover, it is completely silent, which therefore causes no discomfort in public places to which it is intended.

Linutop Kiosk has been designed to be easily configured and set. For example it is possible to determine the display time of each element of a playlist. This playlist can be changed at will and you can lock it with a password. Linutop Kiosk also allows to read multiple file types : photos, videos, web pages.