digital signage system

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

digital signage system

Linutop’s efficient display solution

This robust, silent and low maintenance mini-computer that is Linutop owes its fame, besides all these advantages, to its integrated efficient display solution. This feature allows indeed a 24/7 use, using a minimum of memory and bandwidth. On the other hand, the rapid implementation of this solution is unique.

An efficient display solution, for who ?

Real estate agencies, department stores, city halls, government buildings, institutions (hospitals or other), hotels, schools, offices, factories and various other business users can all benefit greatly from this technological tool. However, more and more individuals are adopting it, thanks to its ease of use, which attracts them a lot and its digital display functionality that appears as one of the motivations that drive many to choose it.

The advantages of this efficient display solution

It is suitable for most office tasks and to provide free and secure Internet access. You can make your own playlist and configure it so that it starts playing at startup of the unit, and if necessary, lock it with a password.

Similarly, it is possible to display videos, photos, web pages and eventually, one has the opportunity to set the display time of each element. Linutop is undoubtedly a real simple signage solution, optimized and efficient.