Fanless computer

Fanless computer

The revolution of fanless computer

To enhance reliability and improve the overall functionality of the classic PC, fanless computers were created. Fanless computer are more robust than classic PCs, making them more resistant to shocks and vibrations. They are therefore more sustainable. And as they are fanless, they are also quieter, making them more discreet. With their reliable and simple cooling system, fanless computers have definitely revolutionized PC.

Linutop : expert in fanless mini PC

Linutop offers revolutionary mini PC. Quiet, reliable and accessible to all budgets, Linutop mini PCs are ideal for anyone looking for a good computer. Products offered by Linutop are economical, as much in terms of price as in terms of energy consumption. Indeed, Linutop mini PC are offered at very affordable prices, and they consume very little power.

In addition, as they are fanless computer, they are extremely discreet because they make no sound. Lightweight and compact, the Linutop mini PC are also easy to maintain and operate. These fanless computer absolutely support all the basic applications based of traditional PCs. Thus, all basic office tasks and internet browsing can be performed on these mini PCs.

Linutop fanless computers work with Linutop OS. This is an operating system designed, among other functionalities, to create internet access points in public places. It is therefore the ideal solution for hotels, museums, schools or hospitals desiring to offer a fast and reliable access to the internet to their visitors. Moreover, thanks to Linutop Kiosk, a dedicated software for web kiosk, Linutop fanless mini PC can also be used as dynamic digital signage platforms.