fanless mini pc solutions

fanless mini pc solutions

Fanless mini pc solutions for a serene and safe activity

Fanless mini pc solutions can be deployed in many places. They are easily configurable to suit individual users' expectations. Practical and not bulky, these mini-computers are ideal for crowded workplaces

Fanless mini pc solutions, tailored to each organization

Fanless PCs are very useful to organizations wishing to provide free and secure Internet terminals to their customers or their visitors. They can also be used by the public to view a database, for museums or libraries for example.

Big companies place them in locations scattered around their premises. They allow their employees to have several network accesses. In schools and universities, they are perfect to view classes schedule or any campus related information.

Fanless mini pc solutions can be tailored to their end users’ needs. It is also possible to install standard software – paid or free – on them depending on user choice.

Fanless mini pc solutions accessible to all

For several years, the Linutop company has strived to develop good quality mini PC at prices accessible to all. Robust, they can be easily manipulated without fear of breaking them. They are also lightweight and powerful. They are therefore perfect as web kiosks. Moreover, the fanless technology reduces the risk of failure and facilitates maintenance

Their Linutop OS operating system does not require a powerful processor which limits the risks of overheating. They are easy to set up and include free softwares allowing to safely surf the Internet, perform basic office work or play media files.