fanless mini pc

fanless mini pc

Fanless mini pc, an offer from Linutop

Linutop fanless mini pc is a marvel of technology that is really useful for business center and hotels. Robust and efficient, it is a tool that, thanks to several bundled software, allows a variety of uses

The advantages of Linutop fanless mini pc

Linutop comes with preinstalled software making it immediately functional. According to users’ needs, it is possible to install additional software. One big advantage of Linutop fanless mini pc, is that it requires little maintenance. Indeed, the user can recover the initial settings of the software system every time it is started. This operating system is installed on the internal memory. The latter in turn is protected against false tampering and viruses

Linutop fanless mini pc is a good solution to reduce deployment costs. This is possible because every configuration can be saved and then duplicated on a USB key. Linutop is also an excellent choice for energy saving. This small computer is also quiet and allows for considerable space savings.

Linutop fanless mini pc, fit for various uses

The Linutop company offers mainly fanless mini pc, but also other solutions in order to reduce IT investments. Thus, thanks to Linutop Kiosk software for example, fanless mini pc can become an Internet access point for setting applications. In this version, this USB drive based computer is ideal for hotel receptions, schools or a waiting rooms.

For local communication and a dynamic digital signage, Linutop Kiosk software is perfect. Moreover, it is an affordable and easy to use solution. Its use is optimized for animated displays, museums, bars and shops.