Fanless PC

Fanless PC

Use fanless PC for a more convenient life

Fanless PC seduce an increasingly broader audience. They are widely used in museums, hotels, businesses and universities. They allow users to access internet easily. They are also ideal for broadcasting real-time information within a company

The benefits brought by fanless PC

If fanless PC attract more and more people, it is primarily because they have significant advantages. The fact that they have no fan significantly reduces the risk of hardware failure. Dust, which often causes major damage, among others cannot seep into the circuitry. They are easy to clean, reducing maintenance expenses.

The small size of these PCs is also an attractive aspect. They are indeed easy to install in hotel lobbies or in libraries. They can be used by a wide audience, since their handling does not require advanced computer knowledge. Finally, fanless PC are very interesting in terms of energy saving. Even if they run non stop, they consume very little power

Linutop fanless PC, the market’s benchmark

The Linutop company, recognizing the value of fanless PC for many users, has designed a wide range of minicomputers. Each mini PC developed by Linutop runs with Linutop OS operating system which is very light and does not require a powerful processor.

These mini PC are very light and not bulky. They are therefore ideal for use as Internet access points in all frequented areas. Installed in the premises of a company, they allow employees to access their mail from anywhere

With Linutop Kiosk software, the use of these mini computers is easy. This solution can indeed be set as desired, depending on users’ needs