free digital signage player

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

free digital signage player

The potential of a free digital signage player

In public places, broadcasting news/category/en, demonstration videos, explanatory notes, or programs and schedules on screens, is a truly modern practice. This is made possible thanks to free digital signage player. Drugstore, supermarkets, waiting rooms, hotel halls... these digital signage devices are now becoming must have.

Linutop, a free digital signage player to display your digital content on screen

The free digital signage player designed by Linutop, and bearing the same name, is a compact, economical and convenient mini computer. It is the ideal equipment for such applications. It comes in different styles and sizes to suit your needs. Friendly, interactive, it can be used in certain places as an internet hotspot to help visitors in their search for information – it also integrates all programs necessary for this purpose : a Firefox browser, the tools for Flash media playing, VLC media player, etc.

The perfect equipment : a free digital signage player Linutop OS and a Raspberry Pi

Linutop running OS, an operating system based on Ubuntu Lynx, this small computer comes bundled with an application, called Linutop Kiosk, that manages in a few clicks all your digital programs. It makes great achievements that will give your business the showcase it deserves : slideshows, videos, animated text

This software is available for download on the site, as a trial version. You have the opportunity to perform a free trial to discover all its features before you purchase a license. Easy to configure and use, it has received very good reception from users. Do not hesitate to seek advice on the choice of the free digital signage player to meet your expectations and let Linutop Kiosk software automatically manage your digital signage.

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