interactive digital signage

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

interactive digital signage

Enjoy interactive digital signage with Linutop

As a professional, you need a good way to optimize your ads. For playing videos or commercials in your shop, you can choose Linutop. Linutop mini PCs can indeed serve as a support for interactive digital signage on which you can stream your photos, messages and videos. This application is suitable for hotels, schools, businesses and various other public institutions

Interactive digital signage accessible to all

The interactive digital signage platform offered by Linutop allows you to make a playlist of your media (videos, pictures ...) and stream them. Thus, you can display your ads without blowing your budget. Thanks to the small dimensions of Linutop mini PCs, it is very easy to set them behind a screen. This interactive digital signage support allows you to stream various informations about your shop or activity, without the need for lot of resources.

On the technical side, note that if the Linutop can act as interactive digital signage, it is thanks to Linutop Kiosk software, included in the Linutop OS, the default Ubuntu based operating system, which is used to configure the PC.

Linutop helps you save money

Linutop mini computers are very economical because they consume 10 times less energy than a standard PC, a significant advantage if you use your PC permanently. Besides this economical aspect, Linutop mini PC are both robust and reliable.

Their high level of performance is well proven given the number of satisfied customers. Besides their interactive digital signage functionality, they can be used as ordinary computers to perform various tasks, such as office work or play media files. They can also serve as internet kioks. This multitude of possibilities makes Linutops good solutions for hotels, shops, universities or companies.