Internet Kiosk

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

Internet Kiosk

Internet kiosk solutions. Easy access to Internet

With its Internet kiosk solutions, Linutop offers ergonomic and cost efficient devices for secure Internet connection. From installation to use, everything has been implemented to minimize users’ troubles. Public places like schools, libraries and hotels will be the main beneficiaries.

Configurable Internet kiosks

During the Internet kiosk installation process, users can also set the home page, narrowing the list of sites available or secure the connection using a password. The Internet kiosk also offers digital signage functionality in order to advertise a continuous (or looped) stream of commercials, videos, clips or pictures when nobody connects

Non stop broadcasting can be problematic, particularly with regard to energy consumption. This concern does not arise with Linutop PCs as they are very energy efficient. Linutop come bundled with Mozilla Firefox browser, and runs an operating system based on Linux. Linutops’settings are protected with a password, which considerably limits the possibility of malware infections and false manipulations.

The Linutop offers

Devoted primarily to manufacturing quiet, energy efficient and ergonomic mini PCs, Linutop also offers its own operating systems: Linutop OS, based on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. Linutop mini PCs are ideal for small businesses as well as large companies and public places such as museums, offices, waiting rooms and hospitals.

Linutop the solution can be used for advertising (animated displays, vending machines ...) and also happens to be an effective means of communication (especially for local communication). Linutop Internet kiosk solutions are becoming more and more sought after.