Kiosk Solutions

Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

Kiosk Solutions

Kiosk solutions is in your Linutop

Linutop offers easy and practical kiosk solutions. This manufacturer offers the latest technological innovations that will allow you to conveniently create within a few clicks an efficient internet terminal. These solutions, namely Linutop mini PCs, can serve as Internet kiosks or support for digital signage, are easy to use and will meet your expectations whatsoever. With them, you can provide a secure Internet access point to your customers without paying a high price since Linutops are offered at very affordable price.

Kiosk solutions for all

Owner of a busy shop or hotel, you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors ? Why not choose to offer Internet access to your customers ? Linutop offers inexpensive kiosk solutions with Linutop mini PCs which come bundled with Linutop Kiosk, an application that allows them to be used as secure Internet access points. Linutop allow for major savings. Indeed, these mini PCs consumes little energy but nonetheless remain powerful and reliable. With their small footprint they are also discrete since they are fanless.

The advantages of Linutop

Linutop is well known for its mini PCs, equipped with Linutop OS, an optimized operating system and various free softwares that perform various tasks such as office work, internet connection and your media playlist playback. Linutop’s kiosk solutions are very accessible in terms of cost. These very successful solutions are now market references in many countries. This success is undoubtedly linked to the ease of use, low power consumption and robustness of Linutop’s products.