linux netTop

linux netTop

The Linutop Linux netTop: what advantages?

Forget your outdated computers and let yourself be lead by Linutop’s spirit of innovative technology. Take advantage of Linutop’s Linux netTops features.

Mini PCs running with Linux

Whether for personal or professional use, the Linutop Linux netTops is designed to reduce your overall investment and costs in computer.

This mini PC is running with Linutop OS, an operating system based on an improved version of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, whose performance is proven. It provides a high level of security

With Linutop Linux netTop, you can access all the features of a conventional computer, like word processing, spreadsheet and also listen to your favorite tracks with its integrated media player.

Obviously, an internet browser – Mozilla Firefox – is also included. Furthermore, Linutop are easily convertible into Internet terminals thanks to Linutop Kiosk. They will also be useful for managing your digital signage projects

For all these reasons, Linux netTop are ideal for open space. This is also why they are aimed primarily at schools and universities, hospitals, hotels, town halls, shopping centers and other public services.

Practical and efficient Linux netTop.

If Linutops are so successful, it is also thanks to the many other advantages they offer. In addition to their reduced purchase price, you will appreciate their robustness and lightness. Thanks to their small size, these Linux netTop are very ergonomic.

They also allow you to achieve significant energy saving. Indeed, these Linux netTop are very quiet, because they are fanless, which is one of the reasons for their low power consumption.

Linutops need little maintenance. You do not have to be a computer expert to maintain it and use it properly.